While Washington Focused On Manafort, Melania Trump Did Something INCREDIBLE At The White House

While the entire nation was obsessed with Bob Mueller charging Paul Manafort – how did the media not know this was coming? – Melania Trump was as cool as they come.

In the first public appearance since the charges were filed and the media lost their minds, Melania stepped out without a care on her mind.

Other than to give some lucky children the delicious surprise of their lives.

The White House held a special Halloween event today and President Trump and Melania were all smiles.

Do they look nervous?

No, because Manafort’s issues have nothing to do with Trump and have everything to do with the culture of corrupt lobbyists that is endemic in Washington D.C.

According to the Daily Mail, President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump met the children with smiles and high fives and lots of laughs and most importantly, lots of delicious candy.

There was a shocking 6,000 trick-or-treaters who waited for hours to pass through the White House gates to meet the President and Melania and none left disappointed.

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