Official: Fox News Host Eric Bolling Reveals Hidden Cause of Son’s Death

Former Fox News host Eric Bolling came out with a shocking announcement.

His son died from an accidental drug overdose this past Tuesday.

Bolling wrote about the whole incident on Twitter.

The death of his 19-year-old son, Eric Chase Bolling Jr., was ruled as “an accidental overdose that included opioids.” Bolling is absolutely devastated.

He and his wife, Adrienne, appreciated “continued prayers and support” that are coming from all over the world. Bolling emphasizes that “We must fight against this national epidemic” that took the lives of “too many innocent victims.”

The former host was given the boot from Fox News after numerous allegations of sexual harassment. He was suspended from his working position in August and he was fired from the network in September. On the same day that Bolling lost his job, his son was found lifeless. It all happened on Sept. 8.

Bolling Jr.’s death was ruled as suicide but soon after Bolling Jr.’s alleged drug use was exposed in the media. The son of Bolling Sr. was seen at a party the night before he was found dead. Bolling Jr. was allegedly using drugs like cocaine, marijuana and he was seen popping Xanax. Hard-proof evidence emerged after numerous videos on Snapchat show Bolling Jr. consuming various drugs.

Bolling Jr.’s friend, Wayne Carter, 21, confirmed that Bolling Jr. had been “doing things” the night prior to his death. Carter also noted that Bolling Jr. has been a friendly person who likes to party a lot, especially over the summer. Carter also revealed that Bolling has been using “college drugs — cocaine, weed, alcohol, Xanax sometimes” right before he overdosed.

But Bolling Jr. was probably heartbroken by the sexual harassment accusations that led to Eric Sr.’s removal from Fox News. As Carter said, Bolling Jr. “was very into his dad and looked up to his dad a lot.” Carter thinks that

According to Carter, Bolling Jr. “was very into his dad and looked up to his dad a lot.” Carterrevealed in the interview, “I’m not saying his life choices revolved around his dad but his dad was a huge role model in his life.”

Apparently, Bolling Jr. tried to get away from his problems by using drugs that caused his death. He was deeply bothered that his role-model, his dad, is not what he presents himself to be.

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