NHL Players Tried To Draw Their Teams’ Logos, And It Didn’t Go Very Well

No one makes it to the NHL in light of the fact that they’re awesome at drawing. We definitely knew this since it’s an expert hockey group and not a craftsmanship display, but rather USA Today accommodatingly reminded us by requesting that different players endeavor to draw their individual groups’ logos at media day.

( NBA ) A portion of the outcomes are in reality entirely great, similar to Max Domi‘s genuinely exact Coyotes logo or Tanner Pearson’s Kings logo:


A portion of the 31 logos are certainly simpler to draw than others, so it’s difficult to reprimand a few players for attempting to portray the logo they wear on their sweater routinely all year. I don’t know precisely what’s new with Chris Tanev’s Vancouver logo, albeit perhaps he should’ve gone for the significantly less complex substitute.

Here is every one of the illustrations, by means of USA Today‘s Jimmy Hascup:

I realize that I’d have an intense time sufficiently drawing the logo of my most loved group exclusively from memory. Fortunately, these folks are paid for what they do with hockey sticks, not pens or paint brushes.

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