Lone Survivor From Texas Terror Attack Just Dropped Bomb About How Obama Orchestrated The Whole Thing

Barack Obama was the worst thing that happened to America.

He is the originator of all the problems regarding the country.He invented ISIS, he put Iran on a path to nuclear arms and many other treacherous moves.

The first ISIS connected terror attack took place in Garland Texas, May 2015. The Muslim terrorists Nadir Soofi and Elton Simpson were loaded in their vehicle with weapons and 1,500 rounds of ammunition. They never made it to blow up the Curtis Culwell center because of the heavy security. The only victim that night was Bruce Joiner, a security guard wounded in the leg. Now Joiner is going after the ex-president, claiming that Obama stood behind the attack.

Joiner is suing the FBI for $8 million. The damages he suffered that night happened because of Obama’s security. The agents were ready to assist the attackers. “The FBI helped the terrorists obtain a weapon that was used in the attack by lifting a hold during a background check, incited the terrorist to attack the Garland event, and even sent an agent to accompany the terrorists as they carried out the attack,” – as Freedom Dailyreports. The case could “could shake loose hundreds of documents from both local and federal officials about what happened that day, and could answer the question of why an FBI agent was in a car directly behind the attackers and did nothing as the events unfolded.”

According to the The Daily Beast and the court file (pdf) an ISIS sympathizer who attacked a cartoon contest was directed by an agent. ‘Tear up Texas,’ was the sent message to Elton Simpson before the shooting at the Draw Muhammad event. The FBI Director James Comey also had a part in the assistance of building this evil organization and planning attacks.


There is a lot of evidence about the collaboration between the agents and the attackers. The Washington Examiner reports:

Since the attack, a separate court case and a “60 Minutes” report in March revealed that an undercover FBI agent was in the car directly behind Simpson and Soofi when they opened fire, and was even taking pictures of the car about 30 seconds before the first shots were fired. Joiner’s attorney, Trenton Roberts is fearing about how far would the agents go If they weren’t stopped.

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